New Patients


Your first appointment at Solstice Physiotherapy will be the initial evaluation and will be approximately one hour long. It will include:

  • Comprehensive review of medical history.

  • In depth discussion of current symptoms.

  • Physical examination to include detailed pelvic floor, hip and back evaluations.

  • Assessment and discussion regarding findings and cause of symptoms.

We will address your concerns and answer questions. Together, we determine an appropriate plan of care, including the number of visits. Treatment plans vary in length and are individualized to meet the patient’s goals and lifestyle.


Future treatment sessions may include:

  • Manual therapy to address tight and dysfunctional muscles.

  • Exercises and movement to restore your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles.

  • Biofeedback to visually teach you how to use your muscles.

  • Education and habit retraining.

  • Activity modifications.

We believe in working as a team and will communicate with your other healthcare providers as you see fit.