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What is it?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sits at the base of the pelvis, running from the tailbone to the pubic bone. These muscles play many roles in the body including supporting the spine, controlling the bladder and bowel, organ support, and sexual function. Due to their many functions, issues can arise that cause dysfunction across multiple systems of the body. These include the urinary, gastrointestinal, reproductive and orthopedic systems.   

Pelvic floor muscles are similar to regular muscles—they can cause pain and discomfort. However, the pain often presents a bit differently and can be experienced as vaginal, rectal, clitoral, testicular, or penile pain. We treat all of these symptoms with the goal of restoring patients back to their pain-free levels.

At Solstice Physiotherapy, we take a holistic approach to healing.  During our assessment, we will determine the cause of your symptoms and formulate an individualized plan of care to help you achieve your goals. Kara and Erica want all patients actively involved in their healing so we will spend ample time with you to explain our findings and what your treatment will look like. Our goal is to work together to help each patient feel better. If you have any questions at all, please call to schedule a free fifteen minute phone consultation. We are happy to answer any inquiries you may have about pelvic floor rehab as well as your specific diagnosis.